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Meet the Author - Steve Dressing Part 1

Writing has always been a passion for Steve Dressing.  Throughout high school and continuing through graduate school, Steve turned to writing in the forms of poetry, creative writing, and story building. When Steve and his wife decided that one of them should remain home to help raise the kids, Steve agreed that he should be the one. At this point, the children were beginning to write in school. Steve’s oldest daughter, Courtney, would frequently come home with a different story she had written. This and his experiences helping out at school and coaching caused Steve to rediscover his own passion for writing. Steve found the stories that deserved to be written from his observations of the world around him, stories that empowered children, allowed kids to find their own meanings to life, and argued that children should be wide open to the many opportunities of their youth. For “Game Keepers”, Steve turned to the Little League baseball field for inspiration. His own experience in baseball was that he was never pressured to play or get better; it was all on him and he loved every bit of it, playing into college. Seeing the pressure many parents recklessly placed on their kids to excel at the sport, he decided to create a world where the children can escape. The fabric of a beautiful story is woven with the threads of baseball, America’s favorite pastime, and the empowerment of kids to do it their way.  Learn more about “Game Keepers” here!