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Author Spotlight: Steve Dressing

Steve Dressing was born in Waterloo, New York, and was the youngest child in a family of nine.

Growing up, Steve developed a passion for baseball, reading and music. Legend has it that Steve learned how to catch a baseball the day he learned how to walk.

Before publishing his first work, Steve worked as an environmental scientist as a contractor and in the EPA. He became inspired to write Game Keepers while coaching Little League in Alexandria, VA.

Fifteen years later in 2018, Steve officially published Game Keepers, his first release.

A Complicated Journey soon followed in 2019, and a budding career as an author was born.

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Steve Dressing

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Steve Dressing's First Newspaper Article

Steve Dressing's First Newspaper Article

Check out Steve Dressing's first ever newspaper article with the Finger Lake Times here: