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Meet the Author - Part 3

Steve was the 9th of 9 kids, and the 6th boy in the family. He wore the number 6 playing Little League baseball purely by coincidence. His father often called him “Number Six Son” and this became the primary inspiration for the name of his company, Number 6 Publishing. Throughout his journey as an author, Steve was made well aware of how much the publishing industry is stacked against no-name authors and small publishers. For example, a single ISBN, an inventory number found on all print editions and many eBooks, can cost $125, whereas a large publisher can purchases thousands for $1.50 each. Distribution is highly controlled as well, with bookstores such as Barnes & Noble placing requirements on minimum sales rather than supporting their local communities. Pricing is controlled, too. For example, the commission for books on Amazon increases from 30% to 70% if you price your book above $9.99, a price that may not be sustainable for many small publishers. Steve decided that he would do it differently- he would build a company that supports independent authors, establishing a platform to help them succeed and be rewarded for their success. Number 6 Publishing is the Publisher for the Underdogs.