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Eleanor & Park: A Thought-Provoking YA Novel of Love, Family, and Identity


"Eleanor & Park" by Rainbow Rowell is a coming-of-age novel about two misfit teenagers, Eleanor and Park, who fall in love despite their differences. Set in 1980s Nebraska, the novel explores themes of first love, family dysfunction, and the challenges of growing up.

About the book:

 Title Eleanor & Park
Author Rainbow Rowell
Publication Date April 2012
Number of Pages 333
Recommended Age 13 years & older


Our Review

Eleanor & Park is a young adult novel written by Rainbow Rowell. The story follows the romance between Eleanor, a girl from a troubled home, and Park, a half-Korean boy, as they navigate the challenges of high school and their growing feelings for each other. The novel is set in the 1980s and explores themes of love, family, and identity.

The novel is written in a unique and engaging style, which makes it easy to read and understand. The story is told from the perspectives of both Eleanor and Park, which gives the readers an intimate look at their thoughts and feelings. The pacing of the story is well-done, as it builds up gradually, creating a sense of tension and suspense.

The themes of the novel are powerful and thought-provoking. Rowell explores the challenges of growing up, falling in love and dealing with family issues. She deals with the theme of identity and the importance of finding one's own voice, as well as the theme of love and how it can be both beautiful and painful. She also explores the theme of family and the impact that it has on our lives.

The characters in the book are well-developed and relatable. Eleanor and Park are likable and sympathetic protagonists, whose struggles and growth are relatable to many readers. The other characters in the book, such as Eleanor's family and Park's parents, are also well-crafted and their actions and motivations are believable and understandable.

Overall, Eleanor & Park is a powerful and thought-provoking novel that deals with heavy and sensitive themes in an honest and compelling way. The themes, characters and the story line are well crafted and the writing style is easy to follow. It is a must-read for anyone interested in love stories, coming-of-age stories and anyone looking for a thought-provoking and memorable read.

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